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George Bowman
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*Loose Rowel Rodeo Company reserves the right to refuse participation to any contestant in any Rodeo*
ALL CONTESTANTS must comply with dress code of long sleeve shirt and cowboy
hat unless otherwise announced at the rodeo.
*No Ground Money Will Be Paid*
This year the Loose Rowel Rodeo Company and Crew will be dedicating our 2015 Season to those
who have served or are actively serving our country in the armed services.  Without the brave men
and women protecting our freedom each and every day, we could not have the privilege of simple
everyday things like Rodeo.  Every American that has served, currently serving or has a family
member serving in our armed forces are HEROES!  We all know a husband, wife, brother, sister,
mother, father or friend that has taken the brave commitment to serve their country and protect our
freedoms here at home or anywhere across the globe defending the freedoms in another country.  
So help us celebrate our brave heroes in the
Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, and all
the Guard services at any of our 2015 Rodeos!  Let’s Rodeo for our Heroes!
Sand Springs
Rodeo Starts
at 8pm
Mutton Busting
starts at 7:30